I’m Dr. Cari Wise…

  • graduate of the University of Missouri, College of Veterinary Medicine (’99)
  • former small animal veterinary associate, practice owner, relief vet, spay/neuter vet, shelter vet, industry vet, vet tech national program director…  you name it, I’ve probably done it!
  • current mobile practice owner, farmer, daughter, sister, wife, step-mom, grandma (gasp), and serial entrepreneur!
  • founder of JOYFUL DVM.

I created JOYFUL DVM to provide veterinary professionals with the resources and support they need to find a career in veterinary medicine they love while establishing balance, boundaries, joy and abundance in their lives.

Wondering why?

  • I did it because, as a fellow veterinarian, I’ve been where you are and I know your current situation is the result of all the things you didn’t learn, and didn’t consider along the way. (BTW: not your fault)
  • I did it because my heart breaks every time we lose a colleague to suicide, and every time I hear of a colleague’s despair over our profession.
  • I did it because I don’t want to see you struggle like I did.

I’m building new resources all the time!
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