Questions?  Answers!

I’m not miserable, will I benefit from a  JOYFUL DVM program?

Yes!  You wouldn’t have made it this far down the page if you weren’t touched by some of the things I’ve shared. I don’t think “lack of miserable” is the same as joyful and fulfilled….  do you?

What does the schedule look like?

Coaching programs are customized to meet your needs in regard to content and frequency of meetings!

I’m still a vet student, can I participate?

Sure! Veterinary students are encouraged to participate in Veterinary Success Coaching.

How do I pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are available.

What’s your cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the service nature of the program, generally cancellations and refunds are not available, but each case is considered individually.

Are you a counselor?

No. I am a veterinarian with a masters degree in education and provide coaching, courses, and community for veterinary professionals.

What can I expect from private coaching sessions?

One-on-one coaching provides you with my undivided attention! You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have. But don’t worry, if you don’t know what to ask, I’ve got you covered! The programs are about you and your development, so I’ll work to use our time together in a manner that supports that goal by asking questions, providing scenarios, etc. Be prepared to dig deep, but don’t worry, I’m not here to judge you, just to help!

What can I expect from group coaching sessions?

Group sessions are dynamic and change week to week depending on the needs and requests of the group. Program participants have the opportunity to submit questions and topics in advance, and the discussion will develop based on that.  You can interact, or stay in the background and just listen, it’s up to you!

What about my privacy?

Maintaining your privacy is very important to me, as I realize the veterinary community in general can sometimes be less than supportive.  Your participation in my program is confidential… I won’t be blasting out your decision to join on social media!   If you want to stay completly anonymous but still participate in a group program, I will help you do that!  Please review our Privacy Policy as well.

What if I have more questions?

Please Contact Me!