Customized programs designed to help veterinary professionals recapture the joy of veterinary medicine and create the lives of their dreams.  

If you find yourself questioning your decision to pursue a veterinary profession, struggling with burn-out and lacking excitement regarding your future, customized mentorship may be for you!

You will rediscover why you chose this career in the first place, and together we will tackle the factors contributing to your discontent. You’ll receive support, mentorship and guidance; and you will have the opportunity to learn new skills all based on your specific situation and your personal needs.  

Mentorship programs are custom designed for each client and can include multiple focus areas including stress management, creating work-life balance, establishing boundaries, improving client interactions, exploring new employment opportunities, resume/cover letter review and much more! Together we will choose the elements create a plan to put your back in control of your life, customize your career and attract the lifestyle, abundance and joy you deserve. 


Hey, Doc,

I know you are struggling and questioning your career choice and other aspects of your life right now. Your dream of helping animals and making a difference probably feels like a ridiculous fairy tale.  But it doesn’t have to be that way!  It can be SO MUCH BETTER!

You are an amazing veterinarian! You didn’t complete all that education and pass that monster exam for nothing!

Unfortunately, your current reality is not in line with the dream you had for your life. You are working crazy hours, consumed with concerns over your patients during your “down time”, bombarded with questions and stories as soon as anyone learns what you do for a living, and the drama at the clinic is unbearable. You didn’t sign up for this!

The problem is, despite spending years of working really hard to achieve your dream of becoming a veterinarian, you hate the busy life that’s come with it.

You want …

  • to care for your patients without your motives being questioned
  • to work reasonable hours
  • to be better compensated
  • to enjoy down time free of patient worry
  • to prioritize self-care
  • to spend time with friends and family
  • to resume hobbies and interests you’ve been neglecting
  • to be rid of the anxiety and depression that has begun to creep in
  • to be happy again!

Are you:

  • Suffering with compassion fatigue?
  • Feeling the effects of burn-out?
  • Questioning your abilities?
  • Convinced you are an imposter?
  • Fedup with entitled clients (and snarky support staff)?
  • Working excessive hours?
  • Unable to avoid workplace drama?
  • Struggling in your personal relationships?
  • Neglecting your own health and well-being?
  • Constantly strapped for money?
  • Overwhelmed by your student loan debt?
  • Dreaming of leaving veterinary medicine all together?

If this describes you, it’s time to change.

Let’s work together to create work-life balance, establish boundaries, and customize your career to attract the lifestyle, abundance and joy you deserve.

It’s not too late to have the

life and career of your dreams!

What will you gain when you

partner with JOYFUL DVM?

I’m Cari Wise, JOYFUL DVM, and I’m here to help you recapture the joy of veterinary medicine and create the life of your dreams.  
I totally understand where you are coming from.  I left my first job six weeks after graduation because the environment wasn’t a good fit. But that’s not it… within three years I’d held four different jobs! Five years post-graduation I built a brand-new practice from start-up, and then closed it five years after that when life got messy.

I have worked in private and corporate practice, industry, shelter medicine, spay/neuter clinics, per diem and education… wondering what alternative careers are like? I can tell you first-hand about most opportunities!

You might be thinking, geez Cari, that’s a lot of change, but guess what, I’ve LIVED MY LIFE, it was all on my terms, all by my choice, and I’m JOYFUL! For nearly a decade now I’ve enjoyed a healthy income without lying awake at night worrying about my patients and clients, and without sacrificing my values and peace of mind. These days I practice clinical veterinary medicine on the side, on my terms.

I live on a small farm and share my life with my husband and menagerie of animals (still an occupational hazard). For years, my career has focused on students; first veterinary technician students, and more recently veterinary students. Along the way, I completed a master’s degree in education and learned my true passion is supporting and empowering fellow veterinary professionals… people just like you! I am deeply concerned about the state of our profession, the challenges social media and technology bring to our clinics, the suicide rate that never seems to get better. I see you, my colleagues, bitter, angry, burned out, hopeless, resigned to a future you find dismal. I recognize you see no tangible way out, and you are overwhelmed by the reality of your situation. But I know something you don’t…


I went from hating my life and regretting my career choice to being deeply grateful for having pursued veterinary medicine. The transformation wasn’t easy. It required hard work, a lot of trial and error and extreme faith to figure it all out on my own. But I did it, and I’m here to help so you can too! It is never too late to reinvent your career and take back your life!  Whether that involves implementation of new strategies to get you in line with your dreams, or a total change of direction, it’s not too late and you don’t need superpowers to do it! What you may not realize is you already have skills and experience to pursue whatever you desire… you may just need a little help figuring out what that is, and how to get there.  And that’s where I come in!


I created JOYFUL DVM custom mentorship programs to help veterinary professionals, like you, find the careers they love, and establish balance, boundaries, joy and abundance in their lives. You have already been indisputably successful. Early on you committed to doing whatever was required to reach your goal. You worked your tail off to get into veterinary school, and then sacrificed four years (at least) to finish your degree. It’s a tragedy that you are anything but JOYFUL and fulfilled with the result. So, what went wrong? Your situation now is the result of all the things you didn’t learn, and didn’t consider along the way.  It’s not your fault, no one told you to be thinking about anything other than your education.  But the reality is you are more than just your education.  Long before you were a veterinarian, you had dreams, interests, and a unique personality. The JOYFUL DVM programs help you reconnect with your authentic self, and then create a life and career in line with your purpose and dreams.

JOYFUL DVM’s Mentorship Programs are custom designed based on your needs. Program length varies from six weeks to six months depending on the number of focus areas you wish to tackle. You’ll receive support, mentorship and guidance; and you will have the opportunity to learn new skills all based on your specific situation and your personal needs.  

Focus area options include (but are not limited to) stress management, improving communication skills, creating work-life balance, establishing boundaries, improving client interactions, exploring new employment opportunities, redesigning your resume and cover letter, and much more!  

For some we work together to find a whole new employment position more in-line with personal goals and desires.  For others our focus is digging deep into the root causes of dissatisfaction and making personal and work-place adjustments to improve satisfaction in the job you already have.


Ready to find your Joy, but not sure where to start?

  • Use the link below to send a note directly to Cari Wise
  • Watch your email in-box for her response and further instruction!

The JOYFUL DVM programs are one of a kind. Never before have programs been dedicated to assisting veterinarians in finding their ideal career paths and creating balanced, joyful, and abundant lives. Our profession recognizes we have a problem, we are often at the top of a tragic top ten list. Why? Could it be, in part, that we have not been provided with the tools to manage our new lives as veterinarians? We have gained the knowledge and skills required of veterinary medicine graduates, but education on the LIFE IMPACT of our career choice is lacking. You are more than just your occupation!

There are many facets of your life that have been put on the back-burner as a consequence of your veterinary career. It happens slowly and unintentionally to many of us as we give all that we have to our new profession.  We do not realize what we begin losing in the process…  life balance, relationships, privacy, confidence, peace, joy. Our physical and mental health begins to suffer and suddenly we are snapping at our coworkers, short-tempered, frustrated by minor things, freaked out about money, angry, burned-out and defeated. We begin to dream of leaving vet med forever.  Or worse, we regret ever pursuing a veterinary degree in the first place. How did we end up in this life?

Several support systems exist to help us cope with the reality of our new lives, but do not provide us with the knowledge and tools to change it. You don’t have to settle for what you are experiencing right now, and you don’t have to give up your career to make it better!  That’s why JOYFUL DVM created these programs: to help veterinary professionals find their dream jobs and establish balance, boundaries, joy and abundance in their lives… to provide the missing pieces so you can transform your career and love your life.

When you join a JOYFUL DVM program, you empower yourself to create something better. You essentially declare that this life isn’t good enough and you commit to pursuing a full, abundant life complete with work-life balance, healthy relationships, time for you, and lots of JOY!  You finish the program with a deep understanding of who you are as an individual, what you were meant to do with your life and career, and a solid plan on how you are going to pursue your dream.