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It's time to take back your life.
I'll show you how.

Let me guess...

These are the reasons you're unhappy in VetMed:

  • no work-life balance, working weekends, on-call
  • student loan debt, low pay
  • pressure to produce, too much focus on the bottom line
  • difficult clients, lack of appreciation, entitlement
  • burnout, compassion fatigue, imposter syndrome
  • work schedule, long hours, no time totally off
  • not enough time to do your job well, low standard of care
  • patients who die or don’t get better
  • missing a diagnosis, botching a surgery, fear of being sued
  • lack of respect from co-workers and clients
  • management, understaffing, overbooked schedule
  • high turnover, toxic environment, coworker guilt

Guess what…

Those things are NOT the problem.

> If those things really are the reason you’re so stressed out and unhappy in VetMed, then you’re screwed.

> If those things really are the reason, then only way to be enjoy your life again is to quit the profession. 

You Are Not A Quitter!

Here’s the truth…

Since those things are not the real problem, then “fixing” them is not the solution!

I know you’ve believed that for a really long time.

Believing that makes you a victim. 

Victims have a no control over their fate.

There are no victims in VetMed.

Happiness is available to you Right Now…

and those things you think are making you unhappy…

they don’t have a to change at all...

Not one bit.

But here’s the catch…

If you really want your life to be different, then you’ve got to be willing to do the work.

> You can’t remain a passive participant in your life and just hope it improves.

> You can’t keep passing the responsibility of your current reality to what’s happening around you.

Your happiness… that’s all on you.

You have more power than you realize.

Are you ready to put it to work for your good?

Creating something different requires learning a whole new skillset.

You’re more than capable. Are you willing?

> Are you done allowing the quality of your life to be dependent on things you can’t control?

> Are you done passing the responsibility of your emotional well-being to other people?

> Are you fed-up, angry, and maybe even desperate for things to change?

If so, then you’re ready.

Everything you want for your life is on the other side of your current misery. 

To get there, you have a to be willing to do some work, but you don’t have to do it alone.

In Vet Life Academy 

> you’ll reconsider everything you believe is causing your current reality

> you’ll find how much power you really have to create something different

A different outcome requires a different approach… that’s what you’ll learn in Vet Life Academy.

Shame, Guilt, Judgement, Inadequacy, Self-Loathing…. 

They have no place here. You’ll learn to let those go.

Bitterness, Resentment, Regret….

You’ll be letting those go too. They have no place in your future.

Self-Confidence, Empowerment, Balance…

Creating this is just the beginning!

You’re ready. You can do this. You have nothing to lose.

Your current reality is no longer acceptable.

Your future is waiting.

Future You Is...

> Empowered to make decisions that are best for YOU

> Creating a balanced life you love
> Confidently believing in yourself, above all else
> Emotionally strong and not at the affect of your surroundings

> Not constantly freaked out about money

> Enjoying your time off

> More than just our job
> No longer constantly worrying about being fired or getting sued

> Energized by your work environment
> Enjoying the opportunity to serve humans and treat animals

> Looking forward to the future

The only one standing between you and the life you want, is you.


Absolutely worth spending time with this group.




Don’t think about it, just do it! If you put the time in, you can’t help but learn.



Will shorten your journey to under-standing yourself, which is the key for a joyful life.


Cari Wise

Dr. Cari Wise
DVM, MAEd, Certified Life Coach

"We've created a culture of crisis and victimization in veterinary medicine.  We believe imposter syndrome, compassion fatigue, anxiety, depression, burn-out, and worse are inevitable consequences of this career. I refuse to accept that because I know it's not true. You have more power than you realize... you just don't know it. I teach the life-giving concepts required to fill in the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be. Everything is still possible. I'll show you how to take back your power and create the life you want."