Welcome to JOYFUL DVM!

 You got through Vet School and thought that was the hard part.  Now you realize it was just the beginning… 

Joyful DVM offers courses, community, mentorship and consulting designed to assist and support veterinary professionals in creating a career and life they love!

Core Purpose

To empower veterinary professionals.


To provide community, courses, mentorship and consulting designed to equip veterinary professionals with the support and skills they need to victoriously navigate the challenges associated with the lifestyle and practice of veterinary medicine.


To change the belief that relentless stress, anxiety, depression, and high rate of suicide are inevitable consequences of veterinary medical careers, from one of passive acceptance to one of empowered right to create a different reality through choices and actions.

Cari Wise, DVM, MAEd
Founder, Joyful DVM

I help DVMs figure out where they fit in Vet Med & how to overcome the challenges that get in their way.