Wondering if pursuing a career in veterinary medicine was the worst decision ever? You're not alone!

Hi, I'm Cari!

Dr. Cari Wise
Joyful DVM, MAEd, Certified Life Coach, Certified Quantum Human Design™️ Specialist

I created JOYFUL DVM  in 2017 to encourage, empower and inspire veterinary professionals to take control of their own lives and careers. To date I've helped over 20,000 veterinary professionals in areas of work-life balance, anxiety management, and personal well-being.

As a fellow veterinarian, I’ve been where you are and I know your current situation is the result of all the things you didn’t learn, and didn’t consider along the way. (BTW: not your fault.) My heart breaks every time we lose a colleague to suicide, and every time I hear of a colleague’s despair over our profession. Decreasing our suicide rate isn't enough... I want us OFF that terrible top 10 list.  

My approach is untraditional... because if traditional methods were going to work, they would have a long time ago. I believe there are no victims in VetMed... just a lot of dedicated, compassion-driven humans who struggle sometimes to understand their own experiences, allow their emotions (ick!) and put their own needs first.

I also believe traditional veterinary practice isn't for everyone. The veterinary medicine career field catalyzes our individual personal growth (ready, or not). For some of us, we'll grow more into our roles in veterinary medicine. For others, traditional veterinary medicine will be a jumping off point for what we do next (inside or outside the profession). 

One path is not better than the other... they are different and uniquely tailored to the essence of who we are, and what our purpose is in this lifetime. Many of us have never even considered who we are independent of this career because we've been focused on it for so long. I believe this is at the root of some of our greatest struggles, and as we rediscover our personal truth, our personal path becomes more clear.

You're doing the best you can. Together, we can make it easier (and way more fun!).

Personal sacrifice is not the solution... and has never been necessary.  


To empower, encourage and inspire veterinary professionals to be true to who they are, and courageously pursue a life and career experience aligned with that truth... even if that means leaving veterinary medicine behind.


To change the belief that relentless stress, anxiety, depression, and high rate of suicide are inevitable consequences of VetMed careers, from one of passive acceptance to one of empowered right to create a different reality through choices and actions.

Vet Life Coaching with a twist...

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective!

I'll help you fill in the gaps that medical knowledge and skills training alone left behind. You're a great VetMed professional! You just haven't been provided with the critical information you need to understand what is actually happening when the emotional rollercoaster strikes.

It's not because you're doing something wrong.

It's not because you aren't cut out for this career.

If you question your decision to pursue this career in the first place... Read On..,

This is where I come in!
I'll help you sort through your most challenging experiences.
You'll see how you really are not off-track in your life.
You'll learn how you are uniquely designed for everything that's happened so far... and perfectly created for what comes next.

Life & Vet Med on Your Terms: It's not only possible, it's necessary! 

Sounds pretty bold, I know! It is!

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