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Perfectionism & Judgement

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on what information would have been helpful to know 10-20 years ago.

Not so much because I would have taken different actions, and created different outcomes… but because I recognize now that those years of my life would have been fundamentally different…

Less worry. More peace. More joy. Waaaayyyyy more fun.

See, I spent a lot of time avoiding and judging everything negative.

I had a pretty firm set of expectations for what my VetLife should have looked like, how clients should have behaved, how cases should have turned out, and how my personal life should have evolved.

Anytime my expectations weren’t met, I was convinced something was going terribly wrong (and it usually wasn’t me).

What I didn’t understand back then was that life is 50/50 positive and negative. That’s just how this world and life experience roles. (Don’t believe me? Think about the great lengths our bodies go to in order to maintain homeostasis.)

If I’d have known “positive all the time” wasn’t the goal, and “negative” wasn’t a catastrophe, I could have relaxed.

I also could have gotten to work understanding my reactions and responses, and taken responsibility for my own life much earlier.

That’s the key…

…. understanding that the only person responsible for the state of your life is you.

There are no victims.
There is nothing you can’t overcome.
The past is perfect just as it unfolded.
The future is full of limitless opportunity.
The present is as wonderful, or terrible, as you believe it to be.

So here’s the take home message:

If you aren’t happy with your life, you need to own that unhappiness and get to work learning how you alone created your reality. When you do this work, you also learn exactly how to change it… and that’s when the magic happens!

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