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Vet Med Self Sabotage

Many of us in the veterinary profession believe that pursuing this career path was a mistake. 😥

We find evidence of this in…

👉🏻 toxic work environments
👉🏻 unpleasant client interactions
👉🏻 student loan debt
👉🏻 growing waist lines
👉🏻 the repeating cycle of anxiety and stress

This is not the life we want! So we just decide that we made a HUGE mistake in going to vet/tech school at all …

It seems logical… no vet/tech school ➡️ none of the crappy things I listed above.

But what if we’re wrong? 🤔

What if the choice to pursue that education and accumulate all that debt was actually not a mistake at all? 😳

What if what you are experiencing Right Now is EXACTLY right? 🤯
Meant to be?🤯
Part of your journey?🤯

What’s really happening is that you’re sabotaging yourself, and your future.

You’re trying to make sense of (and avoid or justify) the uncomfortable emotions and situations you’re facing right now by looking to the past for answers (and planning your get way).

[spoiler] The answers aren’t behind you. They never were.

📣 Everything you want in your life is waiting in front of you.

⏰ Waiting for you to show up.
⏰ Waiting for you to accept that uncertainty is part of the process.
⏰ Waiting for you to remember you’ve already done really hard things.

Don’t believe me? How about this….  That student loan balance… that’s EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS, my friend.  Whaaaaaaaattttt???!!!  Yes It Is!

… and this email here… just the tip of the iceberg. 

Friend, your life is Just Getting Started.

It may not feel that way right now, but I PROMISE it’s true.

All you need is a little help figuring it all out. Vet Life Academy was created for exactly that purpose.

Together we take back our power and change our futures one intentional decision at a time.