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What Defines You?

What defines you?

What determines your value?

Who decides your self worth?

Most of us have never considered these questions.

Day-in, day-out we just keep going and doing.

We uphold our responsibilities.

We meet our obligations.

We show up… or at least someone does.

But, is it you?

It probably was at some point.

But is it still you?

Many of us find ourselves looking up one day and wondering, “How did I get here?, How did this become my life?”.

It happens gradually, through the going and doing and going and doing.

We stop recognizing the choices we make every day as habit sets in.

And then one day we look up… and we don’t like what we see.

This is not the life we wanted… but we stopped carving our own path along the way, and here we are.

Is this what defines you?

Does the state of your life in this current moment determine what comes next?

Is this a reflection of you value and self worth?


Not even close.

Everything before today is over. It exists only as a memory.

Everything in the future has yet to be. It exists only as a dream.

Today is real. Today you can decide what comes next.

Today you decide how you will be defined.

All those reasons why you can’t have the life you really want… those are just excuses.

It’s time to let those go.

Question everything.

Decide for yourself… bravely.

Your value is absolute.

You are worthy simply because you exist.

What comes next… that’s for you to decide.

You will be defined by something…

How about you decide.

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The Solution for Vet Med Anxiety

One of the things we do really well in VetMed is diagnostics.

I mean, we kind of have to, because our patients can’t talk, right?

We intentionally gather information about a particular problem in order to make decisions and create a plan for addressing the problem.

In order to fix any problem, we have to first identify the cause.

Once we’ve identified the cause, only then can we consider potential solutions.

But I’m left wondering, why don’t we offer ourselves the same level of care?

I’m not talking about the human healthcare system… don’t even get me started on that…

I’m talking about our personal approach to our own mental health.

Specifically, I’m talking about the anxiety-stress-worry cycle we experience.

Why are we so quick to avoid it (changing jobs) and cover it up (ice cream in my case) instead of taking the time to understand what is causing it, and consider possible solutions?

Maybe it’s simply because we don’t know how.

Maybe it’s because somewhere along the way we bought into a belief that there is no solution for the causes of VetMed anxiety… that it’s inevitable.

Do you believe that?

I hope not.

You have more power than that… like WAY MORE POWER.


I shared my thoughts on this in a Joyful DVM Facebook Live. To watch, CLICK HERE.

2019 Reflection

If you’re like me you can’t help but look back at 2019 and consider all the blessings (and challenges) that came with it.

For me, in 2019 there were three things that will forever remain pivotal moments in my life…

1. The fateful Facebook Live I did on the Joyful DVM FB Page back on May 9th where I ripped off the last bandaid and, love me or hate me, started showing up for you exactly as me (tears and all).

2. The inspired creation of Vet Life Academy which continues to evolve and change, but most importantly has positively impacted the lives of dozens and dozens of veterinary professionals… and we’re just getting started!

3. The victorious completion of Coach Certification through The Life Coach School which has helped me take Joyful DVM to the next level.

There are no victims in VetMed.

You are powerful.

Everything you want for your life is in front of you.

So as you look back at 2019, and welcome in 2020, remember there are only wins and lessons. There are no failures. Your journey is always equipping you for what is coming next.

I wish you many blessings in 2020… and when you are ready to take control of your life, I’m here to help you.

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Let’s make 2020 the best year yet!