Are You A Perfectionist?

Do you describe yourself as a perfectionist?

Many of us do… and we wear it like a badge of honor.  

But here’s the thing… it’s killing us, literally.

The need to be perfect, to have perfect outcomes for each case, to have perfect relationships with clients so they never get upset (or worse, so they don’t think we are incompetent) is an exhausting and impossible task.

We were never meant to be perfect… and certainly not in this profession where we practice veterinary medicine. 🤔

The thing is, when we hold ourselves to an impossible standard of perfection, we then begin to expect the same from everyone around us. It’s a lose/lose situation.

It leaves no room for anybody to just be human and make mistakes… and it results in a cesspool of drama in our lives.

Here’s the truth: We are human and we will make mistakes!

Sometimes those mistakes will involve our patients… and that is why liability insurance exists… to protect us and provide for the client when our humanism shows.

If perfection were the expectation, and the overwhelming standard, we wouldn’t need liability insurance at all.

(See how silly this sounds when we look at it this way?).

In a Facebook Live Event, I talked about the dangers of Perfectionism… you can check it out HERE.

Where do you see perfectionism showing up in your life? 

Drop me a comment and let me know.

Remember, it’s veterinary practice, not veterinary perfection
, my friends!

Cari Wise