Money. Estimates. Treatment Plans.

Money. Estimates. Treatment Plans.

Many of us dread these client conversations.

Given the opportunity to pass the task to someone else, we gladly will.

The entire encounter can create extreme anxiety.

Have you ever wondered why?

What is about money conversations that put us on edge?

The answer: the unknown

We don’t know how the clients will react to our proposed plan of treatment.

We don’t know how the clients will react to the cost associated.

We assume they will react badly.

We are afraid they will become angry.

And when they do, we somehow think it is our fault.

It’s not.

Money is neutral.

Dollar signs, and everything else on that piece of paper is just neutral.

None of it means anything alone.

Emotion only comes from one place… our very own thoughts.

Our emotions are not created by the actions (or reactions) of others.

So when clients have a negative reaction to a treatment plan and cost estimate you’ve presented, and then you feel frustrated about it… that’s all on you.

That feeling of frustration is coming from what you are believing about the client and the situation in that moment.

Similarly, the words the clients speak and the actions they take while evaluating your treatment plan and cost estimate are not caused by the estimate.

The client’s actions and words are simply in response to their own emotions… and those emotions are created by their own thoughts and beliefs…

The estimate is still neutral.

It’s great news, because it means you can decide in advance how you want to feel before, during and after the money conversation… and generating that emotion is totally within your control.

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Cari Wise