The Veterinary Resentment Trap

How do you feel about your choice to join the veterinary profession?

If you are like many of us, veterinary resentment is near the top of the list. 😕

Over time, we build up a lot of resentment about all kinds of things associated with our jobs including…

👉🏻the hours we work,
👉🏻clients in general,
👉🏻student loan debt,
👉🏻and even our decision to join the profession in the first place.

Once it starts, the resentment can take on a life of its own.

It commonly spills into many different areas of our lives, and the focus of our resentment become the reason why believe we can’t ever have the lives we want… at least not as long as we stay in this profession.

📣 It’s Not True!

In a  Joyful DVM Facebook Live Event I talk through the snowball effect of resentment, explain how you have ALL THE POWER to stop the cycle (and take back your joy!), and give you word-by-word examples of how to get it done!

🎉 Who doesn’t want that?!

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Hanging onto veterinary resentment is a choice.

It will never help you create what you want in the future…  because you can’t move forward while constantly looking back.

Resentment fuels your misery, but you can change that.

The journey toward life and career you want is only one intentional decision away!

Cari Wise