Vet Med and Weight Gain

You know those people who are super-careful not to talk about potentially uncomfortable subjects just to keep the peace?

Well, that’s not me.

In a Joyful DVM Facebook Live I dove straight into a subject most people just don’t talk about…  VetMed and weight gain.

It’s a thing.

For many, many of us, the extra pounds we carry directly correlate to the years we’ve been in the profession.

What’s worse, many of us know we are packing around extra weight… and many of us have tried a variety of diet and exercise plans just to watch the weight come back (and then some).

That was me.  I’m “some of us”.

The thing is, even as I tried all the diets and tried to exercise… I knew it just didn’t feel right. Even in my temporary success, I knew it wasn’t sustainable. I wasn’t going to eat all that weird sh*t forever.

And as much as I knew that, I also knew that my entire “weight problem” was just visible evidence of the stuff going on in my head. I don’t know why I knew that, and I certainly didn’t know how to fix it, but I knew it was true.

I was right.

So in a Joyful DVM Facebook Live, I talked about what I did, and shared how much weight I dropped in the last year…

Awkward? A little. Worth it? TOTALLY, especially if it helps you turn it all around more quickly and with less struggle than I did.

🎬 You can watch the replay HERE.

Cari Wise