Vet Tech Love

It’s National Veterinary Technician Week…  the week set aside each year to celebrate Veterinary Technicians.

In my opinion, one week is not enough time to express the respect and gratitude I have for these individuals in our profession.

Have you seen their curriculum? It’s FREAKING HARD!  I know! I was the national program director for over a dozen vet tech programs in the US… the essential knowledge and skills these super-humans have to master in order to graduate, and then utilize to pass the VTNE, is well beyond what is typical for a 2 year program.

It’s tough. But those who make it through the licensure process… they know their sh*t….  are you trusting them to do their job?

You will both be happier if you leverage their skills and knowledge… so consider letting go of the reins a bit to see just how far they can run.

But also, keep this in mind….
Vet Techs, and every member of the VetMed team, also suffer with anxiety. It’s not just you. So don’t forget to show them a little love.

I recently shared Three Things Vet Techs Must Believe if they are going to make it long term in this profession.  To check it out, CLICK HERE >>>

Cari Wise