What If VetMed Wasn’t A Mistake

There is a lot of joy, and a lot of heartache, that comes along with a career in VetMed. This isn’t news to you.

I know you’ve experienced it first hand like I have.

I also suspect that the heartache has been harder to deal with than you expected it to be… especially when you add to it the sometimes challenging interactions with clients and staff.

It was really hard for me.

Together this combination can create considerable anxiety, stress, and sadness. For many of us it leads to depression, burn-out, and career regret.

Student loan debt and the absence of work-life balance can make it worse.

So, is this outcome inevitable?

At surface level it sure seems to be, right?

Many of us believe we are victims of VetMed… victims of what we didn’t know when we decided to pursue these careers… victims of low pay, high student loan balances, long hours, cranky clients, crummy patient outcomes, and no balance between work and the rest of our lives.

Many of us believe we are destined to be stressed out, exhausted, and financially stretched thin.

Many of us even believe we did this to ourselves through poor choices… and so we are not only victims of VetMed, but victims of ourselves as well.

It’s all pretty dismal when viewed through this lens.

But I have a question for you…

What if it’s not true?

What if you are exactly where you are supposed to be?

What if your prior decisions were exactly right?

What if all of it is for your good?

What if it’s all just part of a season of growth, preparing you for what comes next?

What if everything you ever wanted for your life is not only still possible, but on the way to you now?

If you believed that, would you think about your circumstances differently?

Just something for you to ponder this week…

Cari Wise