Why you don’t believe in yourself in Vet Med

There is a bit of an epidemic spreading through the veterinary profession.

It’s so embedded into who we are, that we don’t even know it’s there… let alone realize how it is influencing every single thing in our lives.

The epidemic > lack of belief in ourselves.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the careers we’ve chosen, and a lot of heartache. As the medical professionals, we want all of our patients to get better… and we mistakenly believe that when we do our jobs the right way, our patients improve.

That’s not the way this works, my friend. Medical outcomes are not something we control.

Unfortunately, many of us judge ourselves harshly when the outcomes are not as expected.

We begin to believe we aren’t cut out for this job, we aren’t good enough, we’re imposters.

And when clients say nasty things to us… we start to believe that too.

What’s worse, this growing lack of belief in ourselves is quiet. It’s sneaky. It infiltrates our entire lives and most of us have no idea the extent to which it is influencing our decisions and actions every day.

I talked about this in a  Joyful DVM Facebook Live were I shared three stories many of us tell, and believe. These types of stories area the warning signals that your belief in yourself is waning… so you definitely need to be able to recognize them when they pop up.  To listen to the replay, CLICK HERE.

Know This: I believe in you! I know you are not a member of this profession by accident. I remember all you’ve already achieved to even be able to call yourself a veterinary professional. And I know there are amazing things in store for you in the future once you start believing in you, too.

Cari Wise